Let us take a few minutes to introduce ourselves:

'I'm Courtney. Corporate mama by day, photo mama by night. I am married to the greatest husband in the world, Frank, and together we have 2 beautiful boys, Olie & Frankie. Being a boy mom has been so much fun, although I can already see the fighting begin! I was born and raised in Wisconsin, while I’m not a fan of this cold all I need is some sunshine in my life. I love my family, a good old fashioned, my girlfriends, all things local, the Packers, the north woods and a day to do nothing; which always ends up with a list of things to do.'

'Hey! I'm Brianna and if you take my picture, I will make you retake it 10 times, hence why I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it! I'm the wife to an amazing guy who does more for me than I could ask. I'm also a mommy to my little man named Harrison...Harry for short. (He may or may not be named after George Harrison or Harry Potter. The jury is still out on that one.) I have an amazing lust for traveling but also love sitting on my couch in faded, holey leggings while watching TV and working on my laptop. My favorite place to be with my family is Door County although Ireland has completely stolen my heart. I can eat an entire package of Oreos in one sitting...and I'm totally okay with that.'

We met in Elementary School, became friends in Middle School, (don't ask to see our pictures from then), hung out through High School and reconnected again after college.  We started shooting weddings together in 2013 and from there Out of Focus Photography was born.  We love shooting weddings together, probably because we get to spend so much time together (HA!). Our love of photography has grown into so much more than just weddings.  We enjoy family portraits, milestones, newborn and sprinkle in a few boudoir sessions as well.  In April 2018, we decided to begin yet another venture together by opening up Swell Studio. We really enjoy being behind the camera and can't wait to get to meet you.

If you haven't yet, be sure to follow us on Instagram @outoffocusphoto and @swellstudioboudoir for our latest projects!

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